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It’s All About Completion

Full disclosure: I thought long and hard about the value of writing another 1000 words about another disappointing evening watching our beloved Warriors. This past month, in particular, ever since the finals dream was over, it’s felt like everyone — players, coaching staff, media, fans — has been going through the motions waiting for this nightmare to end. And now, mercifully, that the end is here, there seems little need to explore the minutiae of the final nail in the coffin. The post-mortem results will be written in due course — the embalming solution has been injected and the superficial evidence has been recorded — but for a crime as severe as this season, it’s important not to rush things, it’s crucial that the examination is as thorough as possible. Continue reading It’s All About Completion

Hello Darkness My Old Friend

While you read these words, I feel as though it is important for you to know that there is not a single light on as I tap erratically at the keyboard. In fact, there hasn’t been a light on for some time. Some people are afraid of the dark, but in times of sadness I tend to find the absence of light to be calming — a safe place from which courage grows.

It is to the darkness where I have chosen to retreat, to clear the mind and help me process what has gone on previously and what may be yet to come. It is peaceful here in the pitch-black silence, as if the world outside no longer exists, only not quite that extreme. Perhaps it is as if the world outside is on pause, as if I have temporarily left its sphere, and I have been granted the freedom to choose when I wish to begin re-entry.

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Round 1 Jitters

For the second consecutive morning, it is 4:30am and I am wide awake. Maybe it’s because I find myself lying on damp sheets in a shallow pool of cold sweat, or maybe it’s the million and one thoughts that slosh around my mind like they’re in a spin cycle — they come and go so quickly that I can only catch a glimpse of what they are about, only a fraction of what they might be trying to tell me.


All week I’ve been excited. How could I not be? I will say this just once, for those of you who’ve been living under a rock or on total media lockdown, the NRL season is here! The Warriors have signed Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Issac Luke, Shaun Johnson’s ankle has healed. There’s more than just hope circling Warrior Nation, there’s genuine expectation not just that this could be the year, but that this should be the year the men from Mt Smart hold the Provan-Summons Trophy aloft. But each night I keep waking with a startle, immediately alert. Continue reading Round 1 Jitters