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Peace and Quiet

In many ways, to be a true supporter of the Warriors you have to always believe that the glass is half full. Every season is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, and in the past few years there’s been a fair few carriages drive completely off the tracks. After so many rough rides, it’s no surprise that some fans decide to get off for good (until the next new attraction comes along at least!).

But year after year of disappointment also makes you naturally sceptical. It makes it hard to ward off the negative thoughts, those voices inside your head that whisper Today’s the day that it all falls apart, before every kick off, no matter what the circumstances. Continue reading Peace and Quiet

Hop To It

On a weekend where hundreds of millions around the world, billions even, celebrate the resurrection of a religious icon, the Warriors return to the chapel of Mt Smart to attempt a resurrection of their own. It’s been a somewhat sluggish and disjointed start to the season, with three consecutive losses as new and returning players figure out how to mesh together, but steady improvements from week-to-week suggest that elusive win may not be too far away. Continue reading Hop To It