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Set of Six

It’s been a busy week at NRL Warrior HQ so there’s been no time to tell stories, but despite the men from Mt Smart sitting safely in the Top 4 regardless of what happens on Friday night, this game feels particularly important to set the tone for the remainder of the season. Here’s six things I’ll be watching out for against the Dragons. Continue reading Set of Six


’Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost

She wore a yellow dress with three stripes at the front. Red first, blue in the middle and then red again. Creamy white tights covered her legs, and pink shoes dangled in the air as she gently swung her feet backwards and forwards in time with the clickety clack of the train tracks.

As our eyes met, my first instinct was to look away, to pretend the gaze was incidental, to act almost as if I was surprised to have found myself looking in her direction, in any direction at all. But something deep down told me to hold for a second, to keep looking and see what I might find.

It might sound cliché, like something created with special effects for a movie scene, but I swear her eyes glistened. There’s no other word for it. They twinkled like stars in the sky, and at that moment it felt as if I’d never be able to look away. Continue reading ’Tis Better To Have Loved And Lost

Low Blow

On a night when Joseph Parker became the number one contender for the IBF crown, it was the Canberra Raiders who landed a massive body blow to the Warriors’ finals hopes. As Mt Taranaki watched on, the men from Mt Smart sunk to new lows in what is fast becoming a nightmare season.

There’s been some bad nights, some difficult 80-minutes so far this year, but I think the reason Saturday felt like such a cheap shot is because we were supposed to have hit rock bottom already — why on earth did we have to go back there again? Continue reading Low Blow


It was an emotional week in Warrior Nation. Embarrassment in Melbourne, injuries, controversy off the field and massive changes to the game-day lineup. The atmosphere surrounding the club took a hit, social media trolls were baying for blood and the media’s head exploded.

However, what resulted was perhaps the most satisfying two hours I have ever spent at Mt Smart. Continue reading Proud