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It’s a Simple Game

Sometimes life can be hard. You can wake up in the middle of the night with a million and one things running through your head and be unable to find a single solution. Your car can break down the day after you had it serviced, right when you’re on your way to pick up your kids from school. You can do your very best to be prepared and organised, you can try your hardest to be kind and generous, but that doesn’t guarantee life will play out exactly how you want it to or that you will get what you deserve.

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All Aboard the Hype Train

I hope you partied hard on Saturday night. I hope you threw your arms in the air and howled with delight. I hope you jumped up and down. Hugged the person next to you. Maybe even got a little emotional. It’s been a long time since Warrior Nation tasted this winning feeling. Can you even remember 23 June 2017? It certainly feels like a lifetime ago to me.

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A Bunch of Questions

Here at NRL Warrior HQ, I’m a little too frustrated to come up with an interesting anecdote this week, too downcast to wade through the darkness in search of a glimmer of sunshine. So, instead, I’ve decided to change things up: it’s question time.

In an ideal world, I’d like to ask a bunch of questions and have them answered immediately, but, since I couldn’t find an SP Kearney in the White Pages, you’ll have to picture an imposing man nodding his head slowly with his arms crossed while you read the questions and then use your imagination to come up with the answers. Full disclosure — I have so many questions about this season, recent events and the future, I decided to stick with the Set of Six format, focused largely around Friday night against Souths, mainly because I think it’s about all any of us can take right now. Then when I’d written six questions, I had to throw in one more. And then another. I also decided to treat this as a press conference, so all questions are directed at Stephen Kearney, although I appreciate some of the questions relate to the organisation as a whole. Here goes: Continue reading A Bunch of Questions

Searching For a Silver Lining

Wow. Didn’t see that coming. A Warriors side that had been playing well, had been defensively sound, who were in a tight tussle for the playoffs, at home, against a side that had lost 9 matches in a row — this was two points in the bag. A stress-free night where the 17,000-plus in attendance could start the party early. The kind of fixture where the men from Mt Smart could send a message, could show the rest of the NRL that they were a side capable of winning this competition. The kind of fixture where it felt like even a slightly sub-par performance might still be enough to win.

It’s not possible to have been more wrong.

In front of the biggest Mt Smart crowd since 2014, the Warriors continued the frustrating trend of falling flat every time the fans start to believe again. For the umpteenth year in a row, the men from Mt Smart now find themselves in danger of missing out on the playoffs after mixing an impressive run through the Origin period with a slow start and a sloppy finish. Continue reading Searching For a Silver Lining