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Keep Your Friends Close

It was cold. Real cold. And we were promised fried chicken.

And, after 35 minutes, at 14–0 up, all signs pointed to it being a finger lickin’ good day.

The Warriors were controlling possession, forcing line-dropouts and playing error-free football. It wasn’t flashy — it took 28 minutes before they broke the deadlock — but it was dreamlike. Like waves gently lapping at the beach. There was a calmness to it, a serenity. There was patience like we’d never seen before in 2015. Continue reading Keep Your Friends Close

Time To Deliver

Okay Warriors, time to show us what you’re made of. Forty-minute performances won’t cut it anymore. You’re better than that. We all know it. We’ve known it for a long time. We can see it in the 96% completion rate in the first half against the Eels. We can see it in this brilliant attacking move against the Broncos. Continue reading Time To Deliver