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When it rains, it pours

Pecked at by Roosters and Sea Eagles, bitten by Sharks, burned by Dragons, clawed by Panthers, whipped by Cowboys and, most recently, mauled by Tigers — I hope you can excuse me for feeling battered and bruised, a little low on energy.

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Try time!

Try time — boy how I’ve missed you.

You kept me waiting far too long — fourteen days, two hours, 29 minutes and 34 seconds — but that only made the celebrations sweeter. The Tiger Woods fist pump, the Lleyton Hewitt ‘C’mon’ — it was a moment to savour, a time to channel that inner rock star and pump up the volume. Continue reading Try time!


It has taken me a few days to gather the strength to write these words. Sometimes sport has a way of grabbing you, of capturing your life in unexpected ways and consuming your thoughts. One minute you can be out of your seat, pointing both arms to the sky in celebration, and the next you can be slumped over with your head in your hands. It’s a curious thing, it can be a wonderful thing, and it’s something I’ve always been fascinated by.

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