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We need to talk about concussion

As rugby league fans, we love watching the collisions. They’re a huge part of the game. We scream at our team to ‘Smash ‘em’, and cheer loudly when the hits come flying in. We complain when rule-makers do anything to ‘soften’ the sport, like ban the shoulder charge or review tackles when a player stays down, serious injury or otherwise. We cry out on social media for ‘the good old days’ — Bring Back the Biff. It’s the physical, intimidating nature of rugby league that’s a major part of its appeal — the fearless way these giants charge at one another. There’s no doubting it takes courage to run full speed at the defensive line — test after test of strength and toughness. But sometimes it also takes courage to admit when you are hurting, to admit when you are afraid. Continue reading We need to talk about concussion

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

As much as the Cowboys like to publicly suggest otherwise, it’s no secret that in recent years the fate of their season tends to ride on the fate of their sheriff, Jonathan Thurston. Blessed not only with incredible skills on the footy field, JT’s laugh is legendary, widely regarded as the best in the business.

Continue reading Laughter Is The Best Medicine

This Could Be The Start Of Something Big


As you may have guessed by the excess of exclamation marks, I’ve been waiting for this week for what feels like a long, long time.

The start of every season is like the start of a new relationship, where everything is fresh and exciting, and you start having these crazy, beautiful dreams every time you close your eyes. Wedding bells, premiership rings, Clive Churchill medals — anything is possible. Continue reading This Could Be The Start Of Something Big

Romp in RotoVegas

Okay, so maybe ‘romp’ is an exaggeration, but there’s definitely plenty to be positive about following the Warriors’ four tries to one, 18–4, win over Penrith at the weekend.

Sam Tomkins looked every bit like a marquee signing. Tomkins had plenty of critics last year, largely because of his mixed start to the season and the huge price tag that accompanies any discussion about his quality. If the weekend is anything to go by, this year he’s out to prove all the doubters wrong. He made things happen every time he joined the attacking line, his quick hands and superb angles are evident in the clips below. But, as you’ll discover, defence is what gets me going, and I loved how confident and assured he looked at the back. Whether it was under the high ball, positioning himself for last-ditch tackles or fielding kicks into the in-goal, the Wigan Warrior was everywhere. Continue reading Romp in RotoVegas