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2017 Storylines: Part 1

The new season is almost here — it’s kind of snuck up on me. In less than two weeks the Warriors will be running around Eden Park in search of their first title of 2017. Usually January is prediction time, where we try to calculate numbers of wins and final positions on the ladder by mixing a measure of analysis together with a portion of what happened the previous year, before topping it off with a few sprinkles of guesstimation. But since the predictions of yesteryear have failed to hit the mark, maybe it’s time for something new. Continue reading 2017 Storylines: Part 1

The One That Got Away


I knew those words were coming, but the inevitability does nothing to dull the pain. Until that bucket of chicken appeared on the screen, there was hope, however slight, of a great escape. The possibility of evading another Shark attack, of staying alive, of dreaming big. Now, there’s nothing but another missed opportunity, another week trying to pick myself off the canvas, another week trying to convince myself that all is not lost. Continue reading The One That Got Away


It has taken me a few days to gather the strength to write these words. Sometimes sport has a way of grabbing you, of capturing your life in unexpected ways and consuming your thoughts. One minute you can be out of your seat, pointing both arms to the sky in celebration, and the next you can be slumped over with your head in your hands. It’s a curious thing, it can be a wonderful thing, and it’s something I’ve always been fascinated by.

Continue reading E.R.

A Day at the Circus

As I walked towards the Big Top, two of the biggest drawcards disappeared in the other direction. While Manu Vatuvei and Konrad Hurrell went for a coffee, I sat in my seat and considered the impact their absence might have on the main event. Looking around at the 17,000-plus who had gathered for the Sunday matinee, I could feel the nervous excitement that a game of such significance brings. Win and the Top 4 beckoned. Lose and the Warriors could fall out of the Top 8 completely. Continue reading A Day at the Circus