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Ultimate Warrior

You’ve come here for a preview of Saturday’s game, and I won’t keep you long. Let me sum things up for you in two words:

Warriors win.

Yeah, yeah, bold statements about two points in the bag and the Happiest Place on Earth didn’t go so well earlier this season, but this week is different. The Warriors team of this past month is different. Continue reading Ultimate Warrior

Searching for a break in the clouds

Can you imagine anywhere in the world that could beat sitting on a plastic yellow seat in Penrose on a Sunday afternoon? I haven’t been everywhere, man, but I find it hard to picture such a place. Just the thought of the uncomfortable yellow seat I’ll call my own in 2016 sends a little shiver up the spine, brings a few goosebumps to the arms.

It feels great to be heading home.

Continue reading Searching for a break in the clouds

Try time!

Try time — boy how I’ve missed you.

You kept me waiting far too long — fourteen days, two hours, 29 minutes and 34 seconds — but that only made the celebrations sweeter. The Tiger Woods fist pump, the Lleyton Hewitt ‘C’mon’ — it was a moment to savour, a time to channel that inner rock star and pump up the volume. Continue reading Try time!