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It’s 4pm on Sunday 11 September and the sun decorates Mt Smart Stadium with light as we huddle together in our seats. The field is all but empty; isolated security guards dot the corners while cheerleaders fan out from the home tunnel in V-formation. The scene looks quiet, a calm before the storm you could say, but the turf is the only silent part of this ground — a constant, excited murmur is sporadically interrupted by bursts of raucous cheering as each new name from the team list is announced on the big screens at either end.

There are the inevitable boos as the opposition emerges, but the background hum of chatter returns quickly as the sweet sound of drums prompts Warrior Nation to rise as one.

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There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

But the best way, of course, is to FEED THE BEAST!

It wasn’t a vintage performance from The Beast, not from the entire Warriors outfit for that matter, but fortunately the gods smiled on Penrose and the NRL rollercoaster provided enough thrills to keep everyone happy as Manu got both the win and the tries he deserved for his 12 years of passion and commitment. Continue reading There’s More Than One Way To Skin A Cat

A Time to Celebrate

Twenty years is a long time. If you’ve maintained this relationship since Dean Bell led the Auckland Warriors out of the tunnel, flanked by flames, onto Ericsson, you should be very proud. The internet tells me (strangely enough that doesn’t necessarily make it true) that the average marriage only lasts seven years. But the good thing is, if you’ve made it this far, it seems unlikely it will ever end. And what a wonderful thought that is. Continue reading A Time to Celebrate

Homeward Bound

Home sweet home. How I’ve missed you. How I’ve looked forward to this day.

It’s been fantastic to have the great game back on TV for the last month, with the Nines, the trial matches and the first two rounds, but none of it really compares to the tingle as the boys run out onto the hallowed turf, to being surrounded by thousands of people who all feel the same way. Thousands of people who strap themselves in to ride the rollercoaster, who get out of their seats when Manu crashes over in the corner, or when Ben Matulino puts a big hit on #ouaa! Thousands of people who are on your team. Twenty years strong. Thousands of people who make you feel part of their team. Part of the team.

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