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Run Roger Run

For anyone who hasn’t seen it, Run Lola Run is a 1998 German movie that explores a number of different themes through a recurring sequence of events in which Lola has 20 minutes to save her boyfriend’s life. One of those key themes is how much chance can impact one’s destiny, how the smallest deviation in timing or action can have a major impact on the final outcome. Today, we replay some key moments from the past two months of the Warriors season, to examine how different things might look with only a few small tweaks to history. Continue reading Run Roger Run

Life’s Not Fair

Somebody call the police. I need to report a theft that took place in Penrose on Friday night. At Mt Smart Stadium, to be exact.

The suspect wore a yellow top. Small black shorts. A watch on his left wrist. His socks were pulled up almost to his knees and his white boots were frozen to the spot at the time when it mattered most. He had a slight build with a receding hairline. And, despite pleas from myself and many others, he refused to raise his yellow flag above his waist. Continue reading Life’s Not Fair

Where do we go now?

The representative break may have given us all time to regroup, time to cool off, time to gather our thoughts, but it certainly hasn’t stopped the flow of questions directed towards Warrior Nation. Is there a drug problem at Mt Smart? Were the players hung out to dry? Has Konrad Hurrell played his last game for the Warriors in the NRL? Was the punishment harsh enough? Should they have been selected this week? Are the players’ actions simply the product of their environment, of a negative culture at the club? How long has it been going on for? Has Andrew McFadden lost the support of the players? Who is to blame? I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

Continue reading Where do we go now?