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It’s Not Dark Yet, But It’s Gettin’ There

Another week, another loss. Familiar shadows of sorrow are falling on Warrior Nation. A season that started slowly, gathered momentum and eventually promised so much, is now hanging by the murmur of a prayer.

The trip to North Queensland was always going to be tough, but the men from Mt Smart made things extra hard for themselves. In the first half especially, dropped ball after dropped ball piled on the pressure and the Cowboys took full advantage. For the second consecutive week, the match was all but over by halftime. You simply cannot win NRL games with only 40 per cent of possession, particularly away from home against the defending champions.

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The Happiest Place on Earth

It’s not often that we, the inhabitants of Warrior Nation, can look forward to the weekend with absolute confidence. It’s the nature of the beast, of the path we have chosen, of the life we have committed to. At the start of each new season, we pull down the safety barrier, fasten our seatbelts and mentally prepare for take-off as the Warriors rollercoaster sets in motion. We know there’ll be ups and downs, and that, at times, we’ll need to hang on for dear life. We have to accept that we’ll never quite know what’s around the next corner, or what’s up ahead. But, once a year — or twice if the fixture-list-gods are kind — our journey visits the happiest place on Earth and for one day, be it afternoon or evening, we know that nothing can wipe the smile from our face. For one day we can be free of doubt, free of nerves — the only thing we have to worry about is getting some sleep the night before the game.

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Drinking the Kool-Aid

Part of me feels like I should be more annoyed. Furious even. Saturday evening’s loss to Penrith leaves the Warriors with only four wins from the first ten games, in a year when we were supposed to be challenging for the title. Instead, with almost half the season in the rear-view mirror, we sit 13th on the ladder, the off-field drama won’t go away and the pressure on both the coaching staff and the playing group gets more intense by the week. One star recruit is injured and done for the season, the other lost his Kiwis jumper and had his starting spot taken by a 20-year-old debutant.

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What’s going on?

Twenty-one years and my team is still

Trying to climb that great big ladder of hope

To a Premiership title

I realised quickly that I’d always be loyal

That a few losses wouldn’t spoil my faith, uh huh

For the team called the Warriors


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