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How low can you go?

How bad can it get? That’s the question on everyone’s lips. The past two weeks have been bad.

Real bad.

After the dizzy heights of the Top 4 only 2 weeks ago, the Warriors’ season is now in freefall. Remember that sinking sensation you often get around this time of year Warrior Nation? Can you feel it creeping back? Throw in the injury to Shaun Johnson and many punters have already ripped up their tickets on the men from Mt Smart.

But have we hit rock bottom? Continue reading How low can you go?

Reality Check

Unfortunately, Saturday night confirmed our worst fears — the men from Mt Smart aren’t actually playing very well.

Three wins against weak opposition had given us hope, but, not long after 8pm New Zealand time, that hope was well and truly crushed.

Perhaps the less said about the actual game the better, although the solitary try the Warriors did score was quite lovely. As they say, a picture tells a thousand words, and who better to hold the paintbrush than our very own Stephen McIvor. Continue reading Reality Check

Eels and Ladders

When you look at this weekend’s fixtures at a glance, it looks simple. All three Warriors teams sitting in the top 8. All three Eels teams languishing in wooden spoon territory. Ladders are made for climbing, and this week in particular, with the top six sides on the NRL ladder playing each other, looks like a real opportunity for the Warriors to continue that climb. Continue reading Eels and Ladders