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Low Blow

On a night when Joseph Parker became the number one contender for the IBF crown, it was the Canberra Raiders who landed a massive body blow to the Warriors’ finals hopes. As Mt Taranaki watched on, the men from Mt Smart sunk to new lows in what is fast becoming a nightmare season.

There’s been some bad nights, some difficult 80-minutes so far this year, but I think the reason Saturday felt like such a cheap shot is because we were supposed to have hit rock bottom already — why on earth did we have to go back there again? Continue reading Low Blow

Inside the confessional

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned.

On Saturday night, at the home of rugby league in New Zealand, I spoke ill of people whom I have never even met before. I used curse words on multiple occasions and I may have even taken the Lord’s name in vain. I said some things I now regret, although it is not likely my words were heard by Gavin Reynolds, Chris Sutton or Luke Patten.

I lost my temper, Father, but at the time I felt wronged. It felt like these people were conspiring against me, against our boys, against our country. If it makes it any better, it wasn’t just me — there were another 16,000 people booing and shouting. It wasn’t fair, Father. Why were they allowed to hold down for so long in the tackle but not us? Why did the bunker have to stick its nose in where it didn’t belong? And what was that for, ref? C’mon, they’re offside! Continue reading Inside the confessional

The Litmus Test

Back-to-back victories against 2016’s two weakest teams have propelled the Warriors from the foot of the ladder back into the playoff conversation, but it’s still not clear quite where they belong. While there were many who hypothesized during the offseason that the men from Mt Smart might be on the verge of greatness, evidence from the first five games has so far proved inconclusive. At times they’ve mixed together well, generating lots of energy and some spectacular tries.

But at other times they’ve either been too slow to react or displayed too many of the corrosive elements of their game. There’s simply been too much variance thus far to determine a pattern of predicted outcomes.

Continue reading The Litmus Test

That’s gold

Go Tui.

Go Tui.

Go Tui!

Go all the way, Tui! Go on!

There’s Roger, go Roger.

Go Roger!

Go Roger! Go Roger!




Wooooooooooooooo!!!! YOU BEAUTY!

Continue reading That’s gold