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Life’s not fair

As I sat down in front of the keyboard, I had every intention of crafting a well-thought-out piece about how the Warriors recent golden point heartbreak is reflective of their season to-date, how every time it seems like things are going well, that we might actually be on the verge of something great, something happens to derail the process and the rollercoaster spirals off course. How the ten-minute period where the men from Mt Smart came from 22–4 down to tie things up as the clock ticked over 80 minutes was a microcosm of what this team is capable of, but in the end it all counts for nothing without the two points. I was planning to be thoughtful, to add something to the conversation, to offer a fresh perspective and maybe encourage you to look at things in a new light.

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The Happiest Place on Earth

It’s not often that we, the inhabitants of Warrior Nation, can look forward to the weekend with absolute confidence. It’s the nature of the beast, of the path we have chosen, of the life we have committed to. At the start of each new season, we pull down the safety barrier, fasten our seatbelts and mentally prepare for take-off as the Warriors rollercoaster sets in motion. We know there’ll be ups and downs, and that, at times, we’ll need to hang on for dear life. We have to accept that we’ll never quite know what’s around the next corner, or what’s up ahead. But, once a year — or twice if the fixture-list-gods are kind — our journey visits the happiest place on Earth and for one day, be it afternoon or evening, we know that nothing can wipe the smile from our face. For one day we can be free of doubt, free of nerves — the only thing we have to worry about is getting some sleep the night before the game.

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