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We need to talk about concussion

As rugby league fans, we love watching the collisions. They’re a huge part of the game. We scream at our team to ‘Smash ‘em’, and cheer loudly when the hits come flying in. We complain when rule-makers do anything to ‘soften’ the sport, like ban the shoulder charge or review tackles when a player stays down, serious injury or otherwise. We cry out on social media for ‘the good old days’ — Bring Back the Biff. It’s the physical, intimidating nature of rugby league that’s a major part of its appeal — the fearless way these giants charge at one another. There’s no doubting it takes courage to run full speed at the defensive line — test after test of strength and toughness. But sometimes it also takes courage to admit when you are hurting, to admit when you are afraid. Continue reading We need to talk about concussion