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Just enough is good enough

Mount Smart Stadium is brutal on a winter’s evening. It’s dark before 5pm, it’s freezing cold. You leave your members’ scarf sitting on the kitchen table at home. And, just as the game is about to kick-off, a light drizzle falls from the sky.

We’re not far past the halfway mark of the season, but when you’re on the edges of the Top 8, every game takes on greater importance. There’s a strange sense hovering over Warrior Nation that the club is back on track after consecutive wins, but every shred of confidence has an air of fragility — we’ve been through this all before, we know how quickly the air can fall out of the balloon.

The game itself struggles to provide much respite from the chill of the night. The Warriors are down 2–4 at the half, the offence looks disjointed and the crowd is quiet but restless, murmurings of discontent ripple around the ground. Continue reading Just enough is good enough

Banana Skin

One team scored 50 last week. The other scored 0.

The Warriors are finally starting to look like the attacking force we all thought they could be, whereas the Roosters, last year’s Minor Premiers, find themselves in unfamiliar territory, languishing near the bottom of the ladder. They’ve had injuries to key players, unwanted canine-related incidents and now this week head to Mt Smart without their Origin representatives.

Done deal, right? Warriors bank the two points and move on.

On paper it seems that simple, but the big question remains: Can we fully trust this Warriors team? Continue reading Banana Skin