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More Bounce Than A Trampoline

It’s hard to justify buying a trampoline as an adult. There are so many other things that seem more worthy or more necessary, like food and shelter, but is there a better feeling than the one you get when you leap into the air, letting gravity take its course before briefly touching the surface and springing back higher than before? Okay, you can probably think of a few things to top that, but in the moment a perfectly executed leap sure feels up there with the best of them. Try it for yourself. Jump into the air. Right now. You don’t even need a trampoline. Do it now. See how it feels.

Pretty good, right?

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Let’s Have Some Fun

Sometimes 80 minutes is gone before you know it. You sit down, hear a whistle blow, jump off your seat a few times and suddenly you’re back in your car. On the drive home you try to take it all in, to work out what’s happened and what it all means. There’s adrenalin coursing through your veins, and your heart still beats faster than normal as you twist your car keys out of the ignition — it will be some time before it slows. The creak of the automatic garage door signals the end of the day’s journey, of your adventure, but your night is far from over — there’s too many thoughts swirling to contemplate sleep.

At other times, 80 minutes can last a lifetime. The opposition seems to have the ball forever and you can’t remember the last time you smiled. Almost instantly you know that something isn’t right, that it’s going to be one of those days, and you want the pain to stop even before it arrives. Hope hangs on longer than you think it might, but that only serves to prolong the agony, to extend the suffering. Continue reading Let’s Have Some Fun