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Aw, C’mon Ref!

Henry Perenara blows his whistle and a cacophony of boos ring around Mt Smart Stadium, around Penrose and throughout the great country of Aotearoa. C’mon Henry, what’s going on? Have you forgotten who the home team is? Or, more importantly, have you forgotten the rules? Continue reading Aw, C’mon Ref!

Searching for a break in the clouds

Can you imagine anywhere in the world that could beat sitting on a plastic yellow seat in Penrose on a Sunday afternoon? I haven’t been everywhere, man, but I find it hard to picture such a place. Just the thought of the uncomfortable yellow seat I’ll call my own in 2016 sends a little shiver up the spine, brings a few goosebumps to the arms.

It feels great to be heading home.

Continue reading Searching for a break in the clouds

A Day at the Circus

As I walked towards the Big Top, two of the biggest drawcards disappeared in the other direction. While Manu Vatuvei and Konrad Hurrell went for a coffee, I sat in my seat and considered the impact their absence might have on the main event. Looking around at the 17,000-plus who had gathered for the Sunday matinee, I could feel the nervous excitement that a game of such significance brings. Win and the Top 4 beckoned. Lose and the Warriors could fall out of the Top 8 completely. Continue reading A Day at the Circus