What to expect when you’re expecting

It’s been 9 months since the Warriors signed Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, 8 months since Issac Luke put pen to paper. I’ve been waiting patiently, but I can’t hold back the excitement any longer. Their due date is imminent. Their arrival into Warrior Nation is almost here!

I know they say that good things take time, but these last few months have moved especially slowly. I’ve been prepared for months now, bought all the clothes, made all the necessary arrangements with family and friends, marked the appropriate date in my calendar and trawled the internet for everything that might help guide me through ‘what to expect when you’re expecting’. There’s so much theory, so many experts who offer predictions and advice. There’s pictures to give you a taste of how things might look, even YouTube can be helpful at times, but I suspect you can never fully prepare for the real thing.

And with all that time to wait, so many scenarios have raced through my head. While part of me can’t wait to see our new arrivals running around the field, another part of me can’t help but worry about injuries or illness. Until I see them in person, I can’t shake that nagging fear that they might not make it here at all. Just the concept of these new arrivals has raised expectations about how good life could be, but that also means there’s added pressure to get things right.

I’ve had to constantly remind myself that it takes time to grow, to learn, before we can expect any new arrival to stand up on their own two feet. There’s a tendency to want instant gratification, but I’ve no doubt there’ll be tough times, sleepless nights and probably a few tears. There’ll be smiles, too, for sure, and moments of celebration, but there’ll also be times when I don’t know what’s going on, when it seems like no one knows what is going on, when I can’t decide whether to scream out loud or bury my face in my hands and curl up in the fetal position. Things are so fragile in those first weeks that I have to remember that it’s going to be a big change for us all, how it’s crucial to stay patient and not get too disheartened if it takes everyone a while to feel comfortable in their new environment.

I guess it’s only natural to have doubts, to think about everything that could go wrong. Our family doesn’t have a great history with this kind of thing. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you that we’ve been trying for over twenty years now. But this feels different. Something about this time feels right.

New arrivals can do that to you — it’s so easy to get carried away imagining how much better life will be when they get here. For months now I’ve pictured that moment when they emerge from the tunnel — just thinking about it gives me goosebumps. I expect I’ll be emotional when it happens. It’s just so exciting — all they have is the future, their best years are still to come. While things are so new, the possibilities are endless, the potential is sky high.

I’ve been dreaming about Roger’s first step, Issac’s first big kick. I imagine myself as I look out from my seat at our Mt Smart home, towards a neatly cropped field of grass painted with straight white lines. It’s as if I can see our boys right in front of me, in the flesh, side-by-side, arm-in-arm with the rest of their brothers. I can already feel the pride coursing through my veins.

It’s times like these that you live for, these moments when it seems possible that dreams can come true. I feel like we’re ready — we’ve done everything in our power to prepare. All that’s left to do is to give in to the process and fully commit to the cause. To throw away our inhibitions and appreciate the ups and downs of the journey. Strap yourselves in, Warrior Nation, this is shaping up to be the most exciting chapter of our lives.

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