When it rains, it pours

Pecked at by Roosters and Sea Eagles, bitten by Sharks, burned by Dragons, clawed by Panthers, whipped by Cowboys and, most recently, mauled by Tigers — I hope you can excuse me for feeling battered and bruised, a little low on energy.

There’s been brief moments of sunshine, like an Albert Vete try or a Tui Lolohea linebreak, but the rain has barely stopped falling since Nathan Friend backflipped his way into the global media spotlight. And it’s taking its toll on everyone.

After Round 25, Warrior Nation stands well outside the Top 8, shivering in the cold and wet, looking in as the rest of the NRL pushes us aside with ease, shuffling us so far away from the window that we can barely see what’s through the glass.

It’s some consolation that the warm blanket of season’s end is nearly here — just one more downpour to endure — but there will be no celebration, no hot cup of Milo and a pat on the back. In truth, the end can’t come soon enough — how tempting it is to say ‘wake me up when it’s all over’, to find a soft, dry bed to curl up in, to pull the sheets over our heads, close our eyes and hibernate until 2016.

Set of Six

1) Albert Vete has stepped up. While everyone else has been falling down around him, the Hungry Hungry Hippo has stood firm, showing the determination and spirit we fans love to see. I’ve argued recently that it’s during the tough times when we see what people are really made of, and it looks like Vete has what it takes.

2) Will there be anyone left for Round 26? Sam Tomkins’ injury was enough to force him from the field, and Charlie Gubb seems sure to be suspended — any chance we can borrow Roger Tuivasa-Sheck for a week, just to keep things interesting?

3) What a shame all these injuries are for the NSW Cup side. The NRL team’s chances ended a few weeks ago, but the Warriors are still right in contention in the NSW Cup. The odd player may return after the NRL season is over, but the impact of the casualty ward is being felt at all levels.

4) Not a good look from Manu. I’ve always been a big fan of The Beast — and will remain that way — but he should probably think twice about the tweets he sends out just prior to game time.

5) Depression is a word that shouldn’t be taken lightly, but I typed the word into Google earlier today and had to share. There is no better description to explain how I felt on Sunday afternoon. ‘Depression: severe despondency and dejection, typically felt over a period of time and accompanied by feelings of hopelessness and inadequacy.’

6) Good on ya, Robbie Farah. There has to be more to this story, as it was clear from the try celebrations on Sunday that the Wests Tigers’ players still have an enormous amount of respect and support for Robbie Farah. Whether he stays or goes is yet to be seen, but he certainly made his point to management that he’s still got plenty to offer.

The Golden Point

It is nearly over. Well done if you made it this far. These past few weeks have been rough. You are the kind of fan every club needs, and I’m sure one day your loyal support will be rewarded. Some day soon you may look back at these times and smile. Here’s hoping.

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