Who is the NRL Warrior?

Nearly 20 years ago, the NRL Warrior watched Dean Bell lead the DB Bitter Auckland Warriors out of the tunnel at Ericsson Stadium. Drummers drummed, fires flamed and a young boy lay on the floor of his bedroom, glued to the fuzzy screen of a 14-inch television screen, and fell in love.

When Tony Tatupu brushed off the entire Brisbane Broncos side to crash over for a try, the seeds for a life-long relationship began to sprout. And when Alfie Langer jinked and dummied his way through our defensive line, the young NRL Warrior suffered his first heartbreak.

As with all great love affairs, there have been incredible highs, and heart-wrenching lows. So many fist-pumps and shouts of uncontrollable joy, and, sadly, a few too many heads in hands and shirts pulled over the eyes. But the NRL Warrior has never wavered, his quest for glory is unrelenting. No other NRL team will ever capture his heart.

In 2015, the 21st season of the mighty Warriors, the NRL Warrior invites you to join with him as he navigates another NRL season. He offers you a peek through the curtains into both his heart and his mind. We hope you like what you see.

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